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MySQL server is a free relational database management program distributed to the users under General public license. The DBMS program stores user data in both public and private data base files. MySQL server database files are stored either on domain network or remote computer. You can store your personal data like business projects, price lists and vendor's details in MySQL server database files. Like other networking files, MySQL database can also be damaged due to various reasons like accidental system shutdown, corrupt storage media or network drive and others.

MySQL database file stores different data structures such as unique keys, indexes, triggers, stored procedures and views. Corrupt MySQL database file displays different error messages, when a user tries to access his/her data from it:

  • Can't find file: '/database/table.frm' (errno: 13)
  • Error 1146 (42S02): Table 'mydatabase.user' doesn't exist

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You must create a backup of all MySQL database files using window backup utility or other third party program. The backup file can be used in case your original MySQL database files are damaged. If you don't have backup of MySQL database files, then use a third party database recovery utility.

Download MySQL Database Recovery tool to fix all corruption errors of MySQL server. MySQL Database Recovery software is equipped with innovative search algorithms that allow you to fix the corruption errors of MySQL database in quickest manner. MySQL database repair utility uses simple graphical user interface and therefore, user do not need prior training to use the program. The software successfully restores MySQL database in its original formatting i.e., MyISAM or InnoDB.

The program allows recovery of data in three options such as create new database, save data into existing database and batch file mode. Recovered objects are stored by MySQL database repair utility in either new or existing database files. The tool supports different versions of MySQL server. The software also creates a script file for each repaired MySQL database in the local system. You can see the preview of all recovered MySQL database files by the utility on your desktop.

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The evaluation version of MySQL database repair utility will guide you regarding recovery of database objects. The free utility quickly retrieves items from corrupt MySQL database files and generates a preview list of all recovered objects. But the free version does not allow saving of database objects in your computer drive. You must buy the fully functional MySQL database repair software for saving the recovered objects.

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